Bypass or Metro Sliding Doors - Which Should You Choose?

Compare glass shower sliding doors with the pros serving Raleigh & Mebane, NC

It might seem like your glass shower door installation options are limited in a small bathroom, but you can customize more features than you might think - namely, glass shower sliding doors. R T P Shower Doors serving Raleigh & Mebane, NC has created this helpful guide to save you the trouble of researching the two most popular sliding shower door designs.

Bypass and Metro sliding glass doors move past each other to allow entry. The differences come down to their construction and use:

Bypass sliding doors...

Are supported with two enclosed aluminum tracks
Divert water through weep holes in the bottom track
Create affordable semi-frameless shower enclosures

Metro sliding doors...

Hang from a sleek metal rod and slide along a guide
Can be configured in a 90-degree corner enclosure
Create elegant frameless glass shower enclosures

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